Little Black Desk Academy
Bridging the gap between Education, Execution, and Achievement through conversation and connections.

Little Black Desk Academy

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Why Did We Create This Network?

There is a big gap in entrepreneurial education between learning, execution, and achievement. We are here to change that together!

The Academy is for women who are established entrepreneurs and seeking deeper conversations. We want to connect with women who love the entrepreneurial journey! 

Women like you who love the work, the process of learning, overcoming challenges, taking risks, and the joy of serving your customers and making them happy.

Women like you who are not only learners but ACHIEVERS!

Women who are not silent observers but active PARTICIPANTS!

Women who are not takers in a community but CONTRIBUTORS!

We share stories and experiences about the pillars of small business to help you create a strong foundation and more. Featuring (12+) topics including accounting, business development, marketing, and sales.

If you are looking for women who are ambitious, confident, determined, and kind, then you have arrived! 

Premium Membership is $19.99/monthly or $199.99/yearly.

Join us to connect with women by industry and/or location who understand your struggles of building a business.

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We are a community committed to building relationships. All users are required to complete their bio and include a headshot within 24 hours to retain access. This allows members to better connect with you.


💛 I'm happy to be here. You know, in the jungle of Facebook groups out there, it's so hard to have meaningful conversation. Groups just run amok with no direction or moderator in sight. Yours is a group I actually look forward to participating in. When I haven't checked my app all day, I miss it and wonder what topics will be waiting when I return. So, cheers to you! I hope you keep attracting high-caliber women to join and contribute. ✨✨

Dondrea O. | The Creative's CFO

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